POPS/SOS Woche Eisenach 2020

Die POPS/SOS Woche ist wieder zum gewohnten Termin geplant: 29. Juni bis 5. Juli 2020

SOS Rekorde

Sequential FS:

4-point, 7-way, 4. July 2019, Eisenach-Kindel, Germany4pt 7way National

5-point, 8-way, 4. July 2019, Eisenach-Kindel, Germany, Worldrecord5pt 8way SOS World

9-point, 6-way, 4. July 2019, Eisenach-Kindel, Germany, Worldrecord9pt 6way SOS World

Termine 2019

SOS World Record Events April in Perris Valley
SOS, JOS and WSOS: www.sosworldrecord.com

POPS France 30.5. bis 2.6. in Nancy; www.pops-france.fr

POPS Germany 15. bis 16.6. in Meißendorf; www.meido.de

SOS-JOS Meet 1. bis 7.7. Eisenach; www.fallschirm-eisenach.de

POPS Belgium 15. bis 18.8. in Spa; www.belgium-pops.be

POPS Swiss 31.8. bis 1.9. Biel Kappelen; www.swisspops.ch

POPS Nederlande 14. bis 15.9. Teuge; www.pops-nl.com

POPS Poland 21. bis 22. 9. Jelina Gora

SOS 100-way Worldrecord attempt 2. bis 5.11. Deland

Skydiving Hall of Fame

Congratulations to the Hall of Fame Class of 2018! (from left) Daryl Henry (represented by friend Buzz Bennett), Henny Wiggers, Coy O. McDonald Jr., Ray Cottingham, Jay Stokes, Roger Ponce de Leon, Leslie Irvin (represented by Rob Sinclair and Elizabeth Johnson of Airborne Systems), Dom Jalbert (represented by his grandson Craig Oldre), Tony Uragallo, and Suzie Hunter-Joerns (Photo by Andrey Veselov)

International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame